Starting over

I was inspired to write a blog for work the other day.  My supervisor liked it so it maybe posted in September.  I’ll link it here if they do decide to use it.  Writing it reminded me of how much I enjoy blogging, even if I never feel like I never have anything that anyone wants to read. I suppose apart of me wants my stuff to be noticed, even though the exposure scares me.  With that said I’m going to start blogging again and not care whether or not anyone likes/reads my stuff… that’s the hope anyways. I suppose I’ve said that a lot over the years, but I’m still here. Even if there are months between posts.  lol.

Love and Light,
Jodie Nicole



I was planning on coming back today, to jumpstart this blog with words I had composed in my head as I drove home from work.

The topic was duality, the focus parenting, but then I found out about the passing/suicide of Robin Williams and shock with a mixture of understanding prompted me to change my plans and talk about depression, my personal experience/battle, and what I feel are common misconceptions about suicide/depression and my thoughts about the Robin himself.
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