Photos: Forbidden from riding bikes, fearless Afghan girls are skateboarding around Kabul

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Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich created the non-profit Skateistan in 2007, a grassroots project that connects youth and education through skateboarding in Afghanistan. The organization, which has since grown to an award-winning international NGO, caught the attention of London-based photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson and inspired her to visit the program in Kabul in 2012—especially after learning 45% of the students were female.

Jessica Fulford-Dobson photo of afghan girl

In Afghanistan, skateboarding has spread to become the number one sport for women, as they are forbidden to ride bicycles. Soon after arriving and entering the girl’s world, Fulford-Dobson was accepted by the young Afghan skateboarders. She photographed the girls with natural light, helping to expose their personalities through simple portraits. Within the images you can see the girls’ natural confidence, images that capture the subjects both posed and candidly skating through the indoor facility.

Jessica Fulford-Dobson pic of afghan girl

Jessica Fulford-Dobson pic of afgan girl

Jessica Fulford-Dobson pic of afghan girl

“I met so many impressive women and girls in Afghanistan: a teacher as tough and determined as any…

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What is it about Love that shatters us against the rocks, batters our souls and crushes our bones, grinding them into dust, and then prompts us to beg for more?

I’ve loved with my entire being, given my whole heart away, had it ripped out of my chest and watched it beat in another’s hand, yet I still refuse to give up on it.  Why?

I spent a year in utter fear, personal strength and good friends helped me endure. I didn’t become the puddled mass on the floor, or lost site of the responsibilities it had before me, but never less I was ready to collapse at any moment.

Then the terror lifted and I was full of joy, at first, for the joy soon turned to anguish. The fear I’d been bottling up broke. I was dashed across the rocks unable to control myself anymore and I sobbed while clinging to the one that held my fear. Touching them to make sure they were real, that this wasnt a dream. I’ve never cried that hard before or since. Continue reading

Face the truth, or the facet of being a B#!&h

Written 9/4/2014: I was going to edit it and forgot…so…lol.  Things haven’t changed THAT much, other than going on a few dates.

For the past couple of months I’ve tried my luck with online dating…luck…well it’s more like a crap shoot for the deranged…but I’m hopeful… kinda. I haven’t met anyone yet and those that I do find interesting usually lose interest when they realize I won’t hop into bed with them the first day we meet.  Which doesn’t bother me. I’m ok with being rejected because I have specific values that I’m not willing to change. I can take rejection with grace and dignity. Rejection is rarely about the person being rejected anyways, it’s about what the other person wants in their life and the person they reject simply isn’t it. No harm no fowl, right?  If only others recognized this basic part of dating.
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“Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome” on YouTube

I had an all staff meeting this morning and they played this Ted Talk from 2011.
I enjoyed what Neil had to say so I thought I’d share it with you.
Enjoy, and be Awesome. :)

Love &Light,
Jodie Nicole

Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome:

Open Door: taking a leap of faith and nosediving while fiddling with the wings

I was stood up. My first attempt at going on a date in, literally, years and the guy doesn’t show. Later he sends me a BS excuse about how his day was tough, or whatever, but the moment I realized that he wasn’t going to show I felt…relieved.  Weird I know.  Lol

Instead of crying, pouting and questioning the validity of my existence I blared my favorite bad ass musician P!nk as I drove the 40 minutes home. Later I propositioned some friends  and ended up spending quality time with them, not bashing my would be suitor. The only mention of him was,  “He stood me up.” and my friends shaking their heads and saying “dumbass.” Lol

The thing about this entire thing is my acceptance of it. I have had moments, in the past, when I burst into tears, feeling utterly rejected and questioning who I am; Heck I did that before the date, but more on that later, yet when my hopes for a connection with another person was dashed upon the rocks, I felt relieved, as if meeting him wasn’t important, but walking through that open door, taking the leap, was. Continue reading

Why Can’t You Follow The Rules?

“Why can’t you follow the rules?”

I don’t know, why can’t I?

Could it be because the rules you speak of are a series of ideologies based on your perspective of the world? Maybe it’s because I’m a rebel who lives to push the  boundaries of society…oh wait I’m a social worker bound to specific rules of conduct.  Maybe it’s because I don’t understand these rules you speak of, maybe I don’t agree with them or maybe just maybe, these rules were forged just for me to satisfy your need for superiority.

It’s common sense, you say, societies brand of conduct, a matter of right and wrong forged over generations.
Generations of what, I ask? The patriarchal white business men in their shiny mansions on the hill? The blue collar worker barely getting by, the minority or those labeled as much due to a past of servitude and shit jobs that someone had to do. But defiantly not the men on the hill.

You speak of right and wrong, so tell me, is the mother who sleeps with her children until they are ready to leave the nest wrong or cultural? Is the family of 5 that’s living in a one bedroom neglectful or practical given thier resources or place in life? What about the single mom who moved home so her daughter did not sleep on the street, is she still not providing for that daughter?

These questions I ask you are not right or wrong, neglectful or unrealistic, these questions are life. The lives of many all over this world, now you tell me; Why don’t I follow your rules for life.

Jodie Nicole

The Healthy Life: Weight Loss

I’ve lost 11lbs in about 3 months. Whats the key to my success, Patience.

Let me explain. I have a habit of setting unrealistic goals for myself and thus staying motivated for longer than a week can be a challenge because I burn out or lose motivation. To correct this I decided to make losing weight a healthy body habit, which requires patience because the results are slower yet are more likely to stay.

I started with watching what I ate and what I burned on a daily basic.  I used Fitbit and My Fitness Pal to track this.
Daily I’d log my meals which gave me  insight into how many calories I was ingesting everyday. (A quick McDs breakfast equaled  half my daily recommended calories intake. I hope you enjoyed that sandwich because its all you get for the rest of the day, mwahahaha. Sigh. :(  Continue reading

I’m up, I’m up… Why am I up?

It’s late and I’m awake, Sigh. You’d think that after an active day, that included 30 minutes of cardio, I’d sleep like a baby…well lol, technically since I’m up in the middle of the night I did. But meh. :).

The thing is I’ve been waking up at odd hours for months now. According to an article I found, click here to read it, I maybe shifting into a more natural sleeping pattern, but I digress.

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